Update 7th July 2022 - Guess who successfully forgot about the site for a year again! A handful of links got taken out, with this update they should be back online again! Bafflingly, BOTR's revived page has taken out ULU in the downtime between updates but on the upswing they've also brought back a couple of the links that ended up dead. For that reason I must stress that any links on the official revived Bandcamp page can disappear at any moment and that if you're interested in a given release, that you grab it as soon as you can from there. I will try to get backup links added if the revival link disappears. Again, bother me on Twitter if that happens; if I don't get it sorted then I recommend checking Soulseek.


Update 23rd August 2021 - I REMEMBERED THIS THING EXISTS SORRY. Overhauled the above description to be more current, and also I've added in some new shiny links for stuff. ULU is back up on BOTR's page but Nigra EP seemed to get taken out with it. We've changed some links around too; if a BC page exists and you can only stream it but not DL or buy it, it is now linked underneath the MEGA link for posterity. Additionally, new BC replacement links have arrived for the following artists; MediaFired, Headboggle & Vibrating Garbage, Looks Realistic, de Tuinen, Location Services, Xix Tropic and VRTUA. We're still looking for the remaining missing ones, looking to upgrade all the albums to FLAC if possible and YES we're aware some links are down, we're fixing them ASAP! Ping us on Twitter if you have 'em!


Back in September 2019, the popular niche electronic netlabel Beer On The Rug known for having a pretty diverse and interesting discography (even housing some early releases of the vaporwave genre) completely deleted their entire back-catalogue of albums on Bandcamp and all tracks on their Soundcloud page. In response, we set up this Archive page in an attempt to ensure everything was still available to people. Later on, on the 29th of October, it came back...except they only bothered to re-instate their last three releases and nothing else. We still aren't sure why this entire debacle happened to begin with, but we're going to try to keep this page going and updated, even if we forget about it occasionally. Everything linked below is in MP3 at 320k unless otherwise stated. These MEGA links are managed by us, so if any of them go down, please feel free to bother us on Twitter using the links below. If an artist has personally re-uploaded a release to their own Bandcamp page, we will link to that instead.

If you're wondering why Vektroid's albums don't have links outside of to her official Bandcamp pages, it's because her stuff is well and truly sorted with regards to mirrors and archived copies. All of her vaporwave work was immensely popular that we don't quite see much point in providing yet more mirrors to them. It isn't hard to find existing ones and meanwhile more than half of the BOTR back catalogue is still in limbo. Speaking of which...

We're still missing some stuff! If you have any of the albums not linked and wanna contribute, bother Avery on Twitter @coryoon. Whilst I am the main person updating the site, it must go without saying that this site would not be up without the work of my good friend Hwizzy. Not sure where they are on twitter these days, but half the credit of this place goes to 'em. Hit us up wth any missing release in v0/320k MP3 or .FLAC! Big thanks if you help out!!