Their bandcamp page is now blank, in an obtuse act of BS. And, even their Soundcloud page too!

UPDATE! As of...I guess, 29th of October 2019(?), BOTR has come back...sort of. Their Soundcloud has been properly re-instated with all the tracks still there, but their Bandcamp only has the last three releases on it currently. We'll continue hosting these backups and alternative links to their back catalogue until they put everything else back up. IF they put everything else back up. (All MEGA links are in MP3 unless stated otherwise!)

We're still missing some stuff! If you have any of the albums not linked and wanna contribute, you could pitch in here. Alternatively, DM or @ us at @ultimatwo, or @coryoon. Hit us up wth any missing release in v0/320k MP3 or .FLAC! Big thanks if you help out!!! ^_^